2021: 1 out of 10 national finalists in the Photography discipline of the annual YoungArts competition.

Received a 1st Place Gold in Photography + $10,000 award check.

The sin(ner) I cannot forgive.

Scholastic Art & Writing

2021: 3 Silver Keys, 4 Gold Keys, 2 Gold Key Portfolios, American Visions Award (I Want(ed) to be White), Social Justice Advocacy Award (Chinese Virus), 1 National Silver Medal, 1 National Gold Medal, 1 National Silver Medal with Distinction Portfolio + $1,000 (1 in 30 recipients), 1 National Gold Medal Art Portfolio + $10,000 (1 in 8 recipients)

The sin(ner) I cannot forgive.

What's Wrong with America?

United States Presidential Scholars Program

2021: Nominated as candidate to be a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts, reached semifinalist level.

Outstanding Achievement in Photography Award

Presented by the University of Saint Francis in 2020 and 2021.

High School Art Exhibit

2020: Honorable Mention

High School Photo Contest

2020: 3 photos in the 100 best images in "People" category.

2021: 1 Honorable Mention in "People" category.

Top 0.4% of all images submitted (over 99,000 submissions).