Injustice: What Needs to Change?

This collection of works is an embodiment of my personal outlook on societal injustices around the world. Before I started incorporating the addressment of social issues into my photography, I was plagued with often feeling wrongfully inactive in times of societal injustice. I often directed pure indignation towards myself for not knowing how to do more. The exhaustion of screaming into an empty void for change was deafening; it truly felt like I had no voice. It took ages to learn how to channel personal expression into my work. Every single piece required me to do intensive research on the topic at hand to the point of overeducation. Not only has doing this project cultivated me into a more knowledgeable person, but it has also opened my eyes to things I would not have learned from the basic school curriculum. It forced me to push down the walls of the box I was placed in and venture into the unknown – an existential, opaque void – keeping in mind the possibility of no liberation after arrival. I am truly grateful for the edification my work has bestowed on me, and I will forever work towards the goal of speaking through art.