The sin(ner) I cannot forgive.

This project chronologically follows a life-changing event I experienced in July of 2020. I felt like my only way of processing what had happened to me was through documentation of everything leading up to the event - along with how I dealt with the imposed mental/emotional affliction after. I invested months of my time into cultivating this concept, and I spent roughly 40-50 hours planning and shooting these images. "The sin(ner) I cannot forgive" is by far the most challenging and emotionally taxing series I have ever created. But, a substantial part of my healing exists in the commitment I devoted to creating this project on my own. Not only was it a turning point in my creative skill, but it also allowed me to process my emotions thoroughly and fathom the impact of what had happened. Creating art in a documentative sense aided me in grasping how I needed to heal - and I continue to discover new things concerning my individuality to this day.